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Retaining Legal Help Should Not Be An Agonizing Process

When someone is considering whether they should retain legal counsel, the process should not be complex and daunting. The Law Office of Randy Merritt is committed to ensuring that the process helps you make that difficult decision rather than stand as an obstacle. Taking care of our clients is not just part of our service – it is the heart and soul of that service.

Open and honest communication every step of the way is our commitment to you. Throughout our representation of you and your interests, we will explain where things stand in that representation in an understandable manner – from the moment you first reach out to us until the end of our representation.

The Typical Process of Engaging the Law Office of Randy Merritt As Your Representative

**Making Access to Legal Services as Painless as Possible**

You reach out to us

If you believe that you could benefit from legal services, you can contact us by telephone, e-mail, or by using the contact us form available on this site. Once you reach out to us , either someone will immediately speak with you or - if they are not available - will contact you as soon as possible in the manner that you request to arrange a longer telephone call to discuss your issues in greater detail.

We engage in an initial discussion

After your initial inquiry, we will discuss your issue in greater detail in a telephone call to see whether or not we can help you. This phone call should not take too long and simply talking with us will not impose any obligation on you to employ the law firm to represent you. Nor will you be charged for the phone call.  You should be aware, however, that we cannot give you any legal advice or counsel unless and until you become a client.

We make our proposal to you

If after considering our initial evaluation, you are still considering retaining us, we will send you a retainer agreement for you to review. You are free to contact us to ask questions about the retainer agreement and we will do our best to explain everything to ensure that you are comfortable with becoming our client. In addition, where possible we will try to break down our representation into stages along with an estimated budget.

We follow up with an initial evaluation

After taking some time to consider what we learned through our initial conversation, we will let you know if we believe you would benefit from our providing you legal representation and the probable scope of our services for you. We will also provide you with a rough estimate of how much our services are likely to cost you.

If your issue is outside of the firm's legal expertise, we will do what we can to connect you with a competent attorney who can represent your interests.

You engage us as your legal counsel

Once you agree to retain the law firm and return the signed retainer agreement, we will start work on your legal issue. Typically, this involves obtaining and reviewing relevant documents from you and a more in-depth meeting with you to obtain more insight into your situation and allow us to engage in a more comprehensive discussion on what you need and provide you with our legal advice and practical guidance on moving forward toward meeting your goals.

We work together to achieve the best possible outcome

Throughout the process of representing you, whether that involves a court case or legal assistance outside a court room, we will maintain open communication to ensure that you are kept aware of any developments that impact you or your legal issue - big or small. We will draft any necessary documents, communicate with third parties, represent you in court, and any other tasks necessary to accomplish the goals of our representation.

The Law Office of Randy Merritt is committed to doing what it can to enable all those who need access to legal assistance by offering legal services for fair and reasonable compensation. To review those options, please read how we charge for our services by clicking on the following link.

How We Charge